About us

Answeraty is a website that aims to satisfy your curious mind: we answer your daily questions, present others' thoughts and opinions, provide you with information, introduce you to cultures around the world and tell stories you may know for the first time because we appreciate your brain's love of knowledge. 

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning 

                                 - William Arthur Ward -

Why do we choose the "why" questions

We all ask many questions everyday when, how, where and why and we choose to answer your questions which start with Why as it's more specific way to achieve our goal and most importantly because the question why often reveals deep answers and many secrets. 

Our content 

Our goal is to be your first choice when it comes to finding an answer.

We try to achieve our goal by understanding what's on your mind, providing a satisfactory answer, looking at the sources to make sure you get the right information, we try our best to update our content continuously to improve your experience therefore, we want to explain in more details about our content:

Scientific content 

We believe in the importance and power of science. We always encourage our readers to learn scientific facts and clarify wrong common information and misconceptions about science in a simple way, so please be aware that articles include scientific content are intended to clarify information and facts, It is not considered a sufficient scientific source to be relied upon in any study.

If you aspire to obtain reliable scientific content, we hope that the scientific topics we are talking about inspire you to search extensively in verified scientific sources.

Medical information

We understand the danger of circulating random medical information, especially with the spread of the Internet and its dependence on it, so we are keen to check the medical information that is published, however we do not recommend it as a medical advice in case you have symptoms, we recommend going to the doctor as what is published here is only for knowledge not a prescription.


We would also like to clarify that all articles that express opinions such as Why is this bad? Why is this popular? does not necessarily express the opinion of the writer, but rather an explanation of the reasons for these people who have those views we write about.

This also does not mean these opinions are true, we only explains why they have that opinion. 

We show the other opinion as well, if you saw an article in our website explains "why is (...) bad" you will probably find another article explains "why is (...) good"

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