Why don't we feel Earth move?

Earth move

Space contains billions of celestial bodies including our planet, the Earth. Everything in space moves, the Earth rotates on its axis every 24 hours at speed of 460 m/s and around the sun every 365.25 days at speed of 100k km/h. However we don't feel Earth move and everything seems to be still, this is probably what made the ancients believe the planet is stationary, but later science proved that all celestial bodies spin: stars, moons, planets and galaxies.

Why don't we feel Earth move

It is possible to prove the Earth's orbit on its axis by the succession of night and day, where the side facing the sun causes day and the other side is night and during the rotation the sides change and so on, If the planet were stationary, it would be day or night on each side forever. 
The rotation of the earth around the sun can be inferred by the change of the four seasons as a result of the tilt of the Earth's axis. But how come we don't actually feel earth's rotation?

Physics laws play important role in not feeling this spinning, imagine you are in a car that is moving along the road without traffic obstacles at a constant speed, you'll feel everything is stable, if the car stops, speed or direction changes you'll feel it, this is similar to the Earth's move spinning at a uniform speed for billions of year in a specific path nothing gets in its way and never stops, now imagine you are in the same situation but somehow you are stuck to the chair and by "stuck to the chair" I mean the gravity you are part of the Earth's rotation thanks to the force of gravity, if you weren't part of this, you will see all of people, buildings, plants, etc are moving rapidly

Keep your imagination on: suppose you are not able to see outside that car, you will think it's motionless, just by looking out the window you can tell it's active from seeing things go by,  but you can't do the same with the planet as it's too huge compared to our size, we cannot see other bodies passing on without the help of advanced astronomy.
The motion of the Earth of course is not comparable to a car, but it was an example inspired by the principle of Galileo Galilei, the astronomer, of relativity who used the ship as an example. 
Back to the main point, you can't feel earth move as long as the universe runs in an almost perfect system, the force of gravity still controls us, the earth rotates in regular orbits, will not stop, the speed does not change and we will remain part of this process.

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