Why did Messi leave Barcelona?

Messi leave Barcelona

On 30 June 2021, Messi became free agent, despite the doubts, it was not a matter of much concern to the fans, everyone was expecting a renewal, Barcelona has been home for the Argentinian since they adopted his talent from a young age, he is number one in the squad indeed, it was a story of loyalty started in 2003.
On 5 August 2021, it was officially announced that Messi will leave Barcelona in a real shock for football fans.


Why did Messi leave Barcelona?

Barcelona was suffering from serious financial problems and mired in dept, according to many, former president josep Maria Bartomeu bears responsibility for the deterioration of the team which provoked Messi's discontent that made the renewal of his contract questionable, after the departure of Bartomeu, one of the candidates for the presidency of the Catalan club was Joan Laporta, the beloved of the masses who promised Cules to solve the Messi's crisis and end the contract renewal if he won the elections, confidence has been placed in Laporta and preliminary agreement was reached according to the club's announcement but it was not official agreement for the following reasons:
After the pandemic the club suffered losses estimated at 30% they had to sell enough players or reduce the salaries of the rest of the squad as Messi's salary accounts for large percentage of the total salaries, according to Laliga rules players wages shouldn't exceed 70% of the club's income.
 Barcelona failed to meet these conditions before the start of the new season, though the club stated that the player had reached agreement to reduce his salary 50% but "Laliga regulations make this impossible"

Is this really the reason Messi left Barcelona?

This was what was officially announced about the reasons for Messi's departure from Barcelona. However, there are some reports claim that it was done at the request of the administration and they was fully aware of the matter of Messi's departure they weren't serious in the negotiations. This unofficial news was accompanied by some angry statements from Leo's father, who represents him as his agent. Some news claims that the player himself wanted to leave to catch up with the Paris Saint-Germain project, with his friends there like Neymar and Di Maria. Some rumors went far, indicating the involvement of Gerard Pique, Leo’s teammate and defender of the Blaugrana, rumors say that he wanted him to leave and persuaded the administration to do so, especially that he reduced his salary after the departure of Messi and did not do so during the contract renewal negotiations, which would have made it easier for Messi to stay with his lifetime team. All these news remains unconfirmed and unofficial, and we do not know how true these reports are.

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