Why is Adele famous

Why is Adele famous

Adele has always been one of the world's famous artists, since the release of her first album, it went viral into the world of music, and has gain many fans and those interested in her art.

Why is Adele famous?

It is not really difficult to answer this question, given her history and records, we can say a lot about her which can be summarised in:

She has a magical voice.

It's the truth!  She has one of the best voices in the world of music and no doubt it's the most important factor for the success of any singer.

In 2012, Adele was ranked no.5 in 100 Greatest women in music listed by HV1.

No wonder an artist with this talent is so popular worldwide.

Always nominated for the best awards

Adele has 15 Grammy awards out of 18 times she has been nominated, she even won 6 Grammy awards in 2012, and 5 in 2017.

Adele's achievements

According to Wikipedia:
  • 18 Billboard Music Awards
  • 15 Grammys
  • 1 Academy award
  • 1 Golden Globe award
  • 5 American music awards
  • 11 Guinness world records
  • 9 Brit awards

Iconic songs

Surely, it's the best reason to explain why Adele is famous, she didn't make ordinary music but iconic songs such as Hello, Someone like you, When we were young, Set fire to the rain...etc.

Even though she hasn't released an album for a long time, she is still very popular. 

Amazing songwriter

She isn't only a great singer but also an amazing songwriter, she wrote / co-wrote some successful songs like her well known songs "Hello", "Set fire to the rain", "Someone like you" also "Alive" for Sia and many others.

Inspirational person

On a personal side, she has a wonderful personality who has always been a source of inspiration to her supporters. She is a real influencer and a strong and successful woman who does not pay attention to fake beauty standards 

She possesses the wisdom of an old woman, although she is young. She always encourages her fans to love themselves and continue to pursue their dreams. She is also interested in women's issues.

Not only by the lyrics of her songs, but in her interviews with international magazines.

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