Why does Dettol kill 99.9% of germs

Why does Dettol kill 99.9% of germs

"Dettol kills 99.9% of germs" we've heard that, in every advertising for the well-known disinfectant, ever since it has been so popular and has achieved great sales and customer trust, customers have been very curious to know the reason behind this phrase, it's very misleading and confusing which leads to misperceptions to consumers,
some of them would explain it as Dettol kills 99.9 germs and one germ remains to reproduce and make a clan again.

It's hilarious that some have thought this is a malicious plan from the company so that you have to buy the product over and over again and that's exactly why it was described as "confusing".

Why does Dettol kill 99.9% of germs?

First of all, is that explanation above right? It might seem logical to consumers but no it's totally wrong.

Pathogens are different types, each type has a different composition and therefore different ways to fight them, So to make it more accurate, Dettol kills 99.9% (types) of germs and can not kill 0.1% of others no matter how many they are, it's not about quantity.

Let's make it easier, if Dettol can kill (x) and (y) but can't kill (z) and you're cleaning your floor on which millions of (x), thousands of (y) and 100 (z) live, results will be all of (x) and (y) are supposedly be killed and not even a single one will die from (z).

Are all disinfectant products the same?

One of the questions related to this subject, is how different these products are from each other?

Each product is made of complex chemicals for a specific purpose, and they are not absolutely the same: compositions and efficiency  vary from product to another.

You should be aware what's the products were made for, what's made for cleaning glass isn't like that's made for wood, this applies to the rest of surfaces, don't apply anything in your skin unless it's valid for it.

Make sure to check how-to-use instructions on the packaging for best results.

Finally, just to be informed, until today, there is no product available to the public that has been proven to kill 100% of germs, be careful when buying and search for what types of pathogens that your product has been proven to be able to kill, do not be deceived by commercials.

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