Why are pre-season matches important

Why pre season matches are important

Before the beginning of each season, football clubs prepare for a new season after the vacations of players and technical staff have ended.

Each team begins to face other teams in friendly matches called the Pre-season, Although the results of these matches are not counted because they are not official, the Pre-season matches are important.

You may think they are just useless friendly matches and you may not even bother to watch them, Here are some of the reasons why pre-season matches are important, and that might change your mind:

Warm up for the new season

The season is usually very tough and full of competition: big clubs compete to win a continental or domestic tournament, average clubs compete to qualify for tournaments while smaller clubs struggle to stay in the league without being relegated.

Therefore, it is really important to consider these matches as a warm-up for the players after they stop playing for the summer vacation, without giving the players the opportunity to warm up, it may expose them to injuries. It is necessary to restore the player's ability to make an effort calmly, away from the pressure of competition and the aspirations of the fans.

Observing team's performance

One of the responsibilities of the coach is to keep an eye on the team’s performance to know the strengths and weaknesses points of each player and try different tactical plans, in addition to knowing what the team is missing, which helps the coach to make important decisions such as relying on who of the players or making new deals and strengthening certain positions, but it may be too late if the season begins and the coach does not know all this information about his team, and this is another reason why pre-season is important, as he can compare the team’s performance in friendly matches because it is not a risk and the results will not affect the club’s ranking. In fact, these matches are a great opportunity to collect as many information as possible about the status of the team.

Involving new deals

This may be the most important reason why the pre-season matches are important, as clubs bring in new players to strengthen the team and adapting to the new club or a different league is not an easy task. 

 Some may struggle to adapt to the new journey in their career, and here the importance of the pre-season appears, as the newcomers participate to adapt to the new teammates, and the coach may help determine the extent of his dependence on these newcomers, as we mentioned in the previous point.

Opportunity to reassure supporters

Each team has supporters, and the so-called ultras follow the team and go after it wherever it goes to show support, pre season is not only important for the coach and players, but for these fans, even if the clubs do not make a great effort in these meetings, but it means a lot to reassure about the state of the team, whether for the coach, Player, owners or fans.

It is true that the fans blame the team less for the result of the friendlies, but this does not mean they don't care to monitor the situation.

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