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Why does Dettol kill 99.9% of germs

"Dettol kills 99.9% of germs" we've heard that, in every advertising for the well-known disinfectant, ever since it has been so popular and has achieved great sales and customer trust, customers have been very curious to know the reason behind this phrase, i t's very misleading and confusing which leads to misperceptions to consumers, some of them   would explain it as Dettol kills 99.9 germs and one germ remains to reproduce and make a clan again. It's hilarious that some have thought this is a malicious plan from the company so that you have to buy the product over and over again and that's exactly why it was described as "confusing". Why does Dettol kill 99.9% of germs? First of all, is that explanation above right? It might seem logical to consumers but no it's totally wrong. Pathogens are different types, each type has a different composition and therefore different ways to fight them, So to make it more accurate, Dettol kills 99.9% (types)

Why are pre-season matches important

  Before the beginning of each season, football clubs prepare for a new season after the vacations of players and technical staff have ended. Each team begins to face other teams in friendly matches called the Pre-season, Although the results of these matches are not counted because they are not official, the Pre-season matches are important. You may think they are just useless friendly matches and you may not even bother to watch them, Here are some of the reasons why pre-season matches are important, and that might change your mind: Warm up for the new season The season is usually very tough and full of competition: big clubs compete to win a continental or domestic tournament, average clubs compete to qualify for tournaments while smaller clubs struggle to stay in the league without being relegated. Therefore, it is really important to consider these matches as a warm-up for the players after they stop playing for the summer vacation, without giving the players the opportunity to wa

Why is Adele famous

  Adele has always been one of the world's famous artists, since the release of her first album, it went viral into the world of music, and has gain many fans and those interested in her art. Why is Adele famous? It is not really difficult to answer this question, given her history and records, we can say a lot about her which can be summarised in: She has a magical voice . It's the truth!  She has one of the best voices in the world of music and no doubt it's the most important factor for the success of any singer. In 2012, Adele was ranked no.5 in 100 Greatest women in music listed by HV1. No wonder an artist with this talent is so popular worldwide. Always nominated for the best awards Adele has 15 Grammy awards out of 18 times she has been nominated, she even won 6 Grammy awards in 2012, and 5 in 2017. Adele's achievements According to Wikipedia: 18 Billboard Music Awards 15 Grammys 1 Academy award 1 Golden Globe award 5 American music awards 11 Guinness world reco