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Why was European super League founded

  In 2001, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez stated that he dreams of a tournament that includes the elite of European clubs. It seems that his dream has come true in the so-called European Super League.   What is this, who founded it and why was it founded?  What is European super League It is a new tournament that includes 20 of the top European football clubs Who is the founder of European super League It was founded by Florentino Perez, Andrea Agnelli  president of Juventus and John Henry principal owner of Liverpool will be the vice Presidents European super League teams So far they are:  Spain: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atl├ętico Madrid Italy: Inter, Juventus, AC Milan England: Manchester United, Manchester city, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur When will European super League start It is supposed to start in August 2021 after announcing all the participating teams. Why was European super League founded "We will help football at all levels and brin

Why European super League will be a major change in the history of football

  In the last hours, 12 European football clubs announced officially the establishment of the European super League which sparked controversy in football circles and on social media among the fans who have a questions about the tournament system, who joins it, and what is the fate of other tournaments? What is European super League It is a new tournament that includes 20 teams: 15 founders and 5 teams will be qualified every year or will be "invited" as some sources said, the teams will be divided into two groups: 10 clubs for each group, top 4 from every group will be qualified to quarter-final The teams so far are: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atl├ętico Madrid, Inter, Juventus, Milan, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester city, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal.    For more details read: why was European super League founded Why European super League will change the history of football More importantly, how will this tournament change football, perhaps forever? Here are some