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Why are BTS popular worldwide

    BTS have become so popular recently, their fame is spreading rapidly like fire. They became a sign in the music world. Their albums get hundreds of millions of views and massive support by fans on all music platforms. BTS's popularity has outpaced kpop. You do not need to be a huge kpop fan to hear about them. About BTS BTS is a boy kpop music band which was founded in 2013 by BigHit entertainment agency, it consists of 7 members: they are V, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, Jin, Jhope, RM.  BTS songs Dynamite DNA Love yourself Idol Boy with luv Random song: Why BTS are popular worldwide There is no secret about their Popularity, everything is obvious BTS have took great steps in the path of success. When we analyse their career since they were founded until this moment we can get the reasons for the question. Related: why kpop is popular The music they make It is a music band, that is what they do: music, but it is about doing their job perfectly. Besides their songs are very entertaini

Why are capitals important

Capitals are important to all countries without exception. Every country has a capital that represents it in front of the world. Even regions and provinces have capitals. Which plays several important roles. The importance of capitals To understand why capitals are important we need to check it carefully and the important roles they play for all countries. The identity of the country, externally and internally The capital is the identity, so it enjoys great love from citizens and officials for its role in defining the identity of the state externally, such as representing it in front of the world, and forming a microcosm of the state itself that reflects to the world its civilization and its origins   and internally, by linking most or all of the state's affairs in one place. No wonder that governments choose capitals with high accuracy so that the chosen city is the focus of the world's admiration and does not reflect a bad image of the country. There is the seat of government

Why do people love magic tricks

People love magic tricks even though the majority know very well that they are just optical illusions or tricks that depend on speed, focus and intelligence in addition to some laws of physics why people love magic tricks even if they know that it is not true. Humans love the illusion Although this seems strange, humans really love illusion, people love magic tricks because it achieves a part of things that are not realistic or delusional, according to what science has reached today, it is impossible to transfer a coin from the hand of the magician to behind the ear with hidden powers.  When a magician put a coin on his hand and close it, then gets the coin behind the ear of course it is impossible, we like it because we see something that is impossible to happen is really happening in front of us. People are attracted to strange and unexplained things When you see play cards trick or a coin trick, the first thing you say is, "Wow, how is that?" Although they are just tricks

Why is working at young age important

  Working at young age is very important, as it makes you more responsible in addition to many other benefits for you and the society. Especially, part-time work, because it does not have a negative impact on your education. Why is working at young age important Before talking in detail about working at young age, we note that there are certain ages at which you start working under certain conditions. We do not encourage child labor or force to work under harsh conditions that expose the worker to danger or work without pay. What we mean is to work at a certain age in non-harsh conditions for a good wage.  Learn responsibility Working at young age teaches you responsibility, you become a responsible person who is able to assume responsibility for yourself morally and financially, you become responsible for securing your personal expenses and you become your breadwinner instead of relying on the family as work early teaches you   on how to deal with the outside world. Most of us rely on

Why did Adele leave music

  Adele is one of the most famous singers in the world, and one of the most successful in the world of singing, she shocked her fans by leaving the music, which caused sadness to her large fan base around the world, it was really sad news, many people love to hear Adele's music with her charming voice, but after the decision to stop singing, we can no longer hear Adele's beautiful songs. Fortunately, she announced her return in 2020. But what was the reason. Why Adele stopped singing Adele stopped singing due to damage to her vocal cords, which prevented her from singing on the doctor's advice to avoid further damage. Adele announced she left music on Twitter, explaining the reason we mentioned, but Adele plans to return gradually. Related: why is Adele popular