Why oil and water don't mix

Why oil and water don't mix

Oil and water don't mix. This is a well known scientific fact. People say (we are like oil and water. We do not agree) that is an expression. and you see the oil floating on top when adding water. We conclude that oil does not mix with water.

Elements mix together like water and sugar or salt, so why oil and water don't mix?

The reason is due to the water molecules that consist of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms (H2O).

The oxygen atom carries a negative charge, while the two hydrogen atoms carry positive charges, so water is a polar compound, these different electrodes help form strong hydrogen bonds with each other.

Sugar molecules can dissolve in water because they are able to break strong hydrogen bonds unlike Nonpolar oil is hydrophobic, and its molecules can not break down water bonds. 

When you add it to some of them, the oil and water don't mix, and because the density of the oil is less than that of the water, the oil will float up on the top.

So it is impossible to mix oil and water in normal conditions.

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