Why super junior fans are called Elf

Why super junior fan are called Elf
Super junior fans

Super junior is one of the most famous and successful Korean bands in K-pop history, they could persuade millions and millions of fans to love and support them by their great albums, they proved their talents over 15 years and more, the fan were standing with them all over their career, they went to their music concerts "super show", they bought the albums and always supported them by nice words, their fans are called Elf, and this is our point now why super junior fans are called Elf 

Before answering the question let's know more about them

About super junior

Super junior is a k-pop music band which was founded in 2005 by SM entertainment agency, they started as 13 member and two sub members, they have five sub bands every sub band sing different type of music, super junior M, k.r.y, D&E, SJ T and finally SJ H.

The band can also called suju or SJ.

That was very short brief about the Korean band, now let's answer the question

'Elf' it is very weird title, right? Why would they call their fans this name? You know this word means like spirite or dwarf in the language, but it is not the same meaning in this case.

E.L.F is the shortened term of ever lasting friend 

E: ever L: lasting F: friend

that refers to the strong relationship between super junior and their fan, The members always say they will stay together forever, there are many songs are talking to this relationsh such as from u, no other

Beside the fandom name they have also sub fandom names, every member has his own fandom

Leeteuk: angels
Heechul: petals 
Yesung: clouds
Donghae: Elfish 
Eunhyuk: jewels
Kyuhyun: gamers

Every name has a story it expresses the member's titles and interests

The fans colour is sapphire blue they call the fans in super show sapphire blue ocean

Super junior famous songs

Sorry sorry (2009)
Bonamana (2009)
No other (2010)
Mr simple (2011)
One more time (otra vez) (2018)
Lo siento (2017)

Super junior song:

It is usual to korean music bands to choose fandom names to their fans like BTS, exo, big bang, red velvet, twice, balckpink, etc 

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