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Why do scientists use rats for testing

Why scientists use rats * Please note that this article presents the reasons that specialists have explained before, and it is not considered an official or scientific reference * "Lab mice" is a term we hear to express something or someone that is used a lot in different experiments, because scientists have used rats a lot to do laboratory tests, Why do scientists use animals in the laboratory, especially mice. We will explain the reasons for scientists to choose these creatures to do scientific experiments on them. Why do scientists use animals for testing. It is known that there are many diseases that are sometimes dangerous, and scientists try to find a medicine or vaccine to treat these diseases. It is not easy. The materials that specialists deal with are chemicals, which means they may be harmful or fatal to humans

Why is English popular

Why is English popular English is a worldwide language, it is one of the most common languages in the world, besides the huge number of its speakers, they are about 1,5 billion only 360 millions of them are native speakers, huge number right? Why? Why is English popular ?  What makes about 20% of the planet speak this language ? Today everyone is speaking it, learning or planning to learn it, you will notice that most of people you meet can speak it, does not matter if they master it or not but at least they can make a short conversation in the global language. Even you! You are reading this article in it too! Sometimes you hear it in British, sometimes in American aside from sub accents such as Indian, African and latin. Read: Why Croatian names end with ic Why is English so widely spoken * we aim to refer to historical facts, we do not aim to abuse any country or cul

Why is Facebook logo blue

  facebook blue logo Facebook blue logo is a watermark for all social media users, it is one of the most well known logos ever with a simple design it became popular for its users and non users as well, I bet you can recognise it from millions of icons easily, actually who does not? It is clear that logos play important role for associations as this improve the first impression for customers, they firm in the minds of customers therefore associations work hard to create the best logo for their brand, we can summarise all that by only one phrase "logo is the identity of any association" How many times you preferred to buy a product on another just because it carries a well known logo on it? It is incredible we can recognise any famous company by just a simple design, That proves the importance of them. In case you are wondering Why is Facebook logo blue ? You are in the right place. We pre

Why football squad is 11

Why football squad is 11  This article was written by Amar Football is one of the most famous sports in the world. Every day the number of fans are increasing. People all over the world support their favourite teams and follow news and matches for the love of their team. All generations love this sport and feel they are members of this family. We see children consider football players as idols. If we look in any country we will find a national hero such as Mohamed Salah in Egypt, Messi in Argentina and a lot of other heroes. It is a job more than being a sport. This sport teaches us a lot of good manners like respect each other. Players gain a lot of money from advertisement beside their salary from their teams. Every country has its national team and its matches means a lot for the fans it is like a task they

Why is February 28 days

 Why February has 28 days   February is the second month of the Gregorian calendar and Julian calendar as well, February has 28 days in regular years and 29 in leap years. It is the shortest month in the Gregorian calendar as other months have 30 days or 31 days, it is the only month that its days can be increased in leap years  It is the only month also that has less than 30 days so Why is February 28 days ? Why not 30 days like all months, it is a confusing question indeed here in answeraty it is our pleasure to answer your question When does it happen In the calendar February starts after the end of January (31th of January), and it is one of months of winter  In anstronomy it starts when the sun is in Aquarius, it ends in pisces. In astrology it starts when the sun is in Capricorn, it ends in Aquarius. Why is