Why do we have different opinions

Why do we have different opinions

"This article was written by Mona and edited by Manar
Thanks for Mona and wiam  for helping us to create this article" -Manar ( the owner of the website )- 
we hear different opinions everyday and everywhere in the street, at the school, in the living room and on social media sites that makes us ask why everyone has different opinions? why do not we have the same opinion? and why is it important to respect others opinion? in this article we are going to answer the question why do we have different opinions in details 

Please note that we will not answer with Sub reasons like looking for attention or attempts to look different but logical reasons that describes human nature

Why everyone has different opinions

"The difference of opinion does not spoil friendliness" 

this is a very famous quote about the difference of opinions it is a human nature people like to express about their opinions about anything happens around them, that gives us the feeling of existence and importance.

As long as we have mind we will keep giving opinions because the human mind analyse situations and events around us and start to give reaction. 

The human brain is so complex and we do not have the same mind and way of thinking, so our brains do not give the same results 

Different cultures make different opinions

The difference of cultures is the main reason of why do we have different opinions, every society has its own traditions, way of thinking and beliefs.

The difference of societies play important role and can tell a lot about our different opinions.

The opinions differs from country to another.

For example in Eastern Asian countries they think the best age of marriage is in the 30s but in Arab countries they think the best age of marriage is in 20s.

That was one example only but can explain a lot about us.

Different experience 

We give our opinions based on our experience in our life, we do not have the same experience and simply we do not face same situations every day.

For example
You booked a room in a 5 star hotel, the service was ok, you got everything you asked for, the food was ok, the bed was comfortable of course after all this great night in the hotel you will say this hotel is great

Another one booked a room in the same hotel, but he did not get the same service quality that you got whatever the reason is, he will not say this hotel is great definitely.

His experience is totally different from yours, you both will not say the same opinion.

Wiam says about why do we have different opinions

I have one reason jumped to my mind is that we all were in different situations that built up our different backgrounds and knowledge so it is normal to have different opinions -Wiam haouzia-

 Different standards

Everyone has different opinions because we have different standards.

If we were asked ( What is the most important thing that should be available in the country that you spend your vacation in?) you may say safety another says the fantastic seas and beaches I may say kind people.

If we went to a restaurant that serves delicious plates but they served them very late

You do not mind that it took much time to get your order as long as the food is delicious
But your friend disagree with you because the speed of service is the most important thing for him

In this case you gave different opinions because you have different standards

That was our explanation of why do we have different opinions

In the end when we give our opinion we depend on our life experience, our society traditions and our way of thinking which are not the same.
If the basis are not the same the results will not be the same too.

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